New Lonely Island (Feat. Julian Casablancas) – “Boombox”

In anticipation of INCREDIBAD, Lonely Island’s send-ups are arriving rapid fire. This new track, which has the Strokes man lending his pipes, is less “Jizz In My Pants,” more “I’m On A Boat,” at least via its initial posh, old-money country club setting. The protagonist shows up to the stuffy, boiled-goose-and-sauerkraut-scented affair and learns a boombox can change the world: “Everything got out of control / the music was so entrancing, everyone got out on the floor / it was a bunch of old white people dancing.” The power goes to his head, though, and he decides to try the same thing at an old-folks’ home. This is when things get sticky.

That photo has nothing to do with the song, though it does come from the INCREDIBAD promo materials. Speaking of which: SNL did a proper video for “I’m On A Boat” this week. Keep your eyes peeled.

INCREDIBAD is out 2/10 via Universal.