Sacha Baron Cohen Cast As Freddie Mercury

Sacha Baron Cohen has signed on to play Freddie Mercury in a biopic that will begin filming next year, according to Deadline. While the fact that they’ve sealed the deal and set a screenwriter and shooting date is new, Cohen as Mercury is not. We mentioned the story, and NME and Spin said Cohen had beat out Johnny Depp for the role back in May 2007.

So, did they make the right choice? Back then you guys were pretty skeptical, but since then Cohen’s proved he could sing in the big screen version of Sweeney Todd. And Cohen looks like Mercury way more than Depp does. But who cares about natural resemblance? I think Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow looks as much like Mercury as Cohen does. So maybe Depp (who, of course, also sings in Sweeney Todd), or even Daniel Day-Lewis could play Mercury better. Of course, while all three can sing, there’s no way they can match Mercury’s voice.