Das Racist @ Santos Party House, NYC 9/16/10

Earlier this week Das Racist dropped their Mad Decent & Mischka co-presented Sit Down, Man mixtape for free on the internet, last night they celebrated with a free show at Santos Party House, with Keepaway and M. Decent artists Maluca and Tecla. Amongst the many spirits these dudes are under at any given time, that of giving appears to be foremost; in an age where releases are loss-leaders for monetized live shows, the post-everything band that blurs lines between culture/scenes and cred schemes continues to be blurry on presenting anything resembling a workable revenue-generation model.

Scour their track with Diplo for clues then, for its title (“You Can Sell Anything”) , or just for pertinent lines like: “What good is all your money is if your style is still tasteless / I celebrate the fact I moved into my momma’s basement / I don’t pay rent I sell old books for new ones…” So, style over money, and so we get free mixtapes that don’t have to hassle with clearing Enigma (“Return To Innocence”) or Doors (“People Are Strange”) samples, and free shows with open vodka bars and an open door policy onstage because when you can sell anything, everything is equal and without distinctions, including genre, cred, earnestness, and separation of crowd and performer. Sad I missed this, despite having seen them plenty — looked like fun one, judging by this photo set by Alex Reside.