New Alex Delivery – “Sheath-Wet”

Alex Delivery is not advised for the ADD addled. On the Brooklyn based indie kraut outfit’s Star Destroyer, the majority of tunes stretch well over nine minutes — and even then, take their time reaching a redeeming stride. But do a little digging and bear with the band’s starry-eyed caravan be rewarded. “Sheath-Wet” is an example; the track doesn’t find a sweet spot until 3:30, but builds to something better with each passing minute marker from then out.

Alex Delivery – “Sheath-Wet” (MP3)

If you’re feeling patient and are inclined to invest a little time with AD, though, you should start with “Komad,” the record’s lead track and standout — also clocking in over ten minutes, but a better model for the Delivery’s kraut jamz.

Alex Delivery – “Komad” (MP3)

Alex Delivery’s got some May tourdates with Stereofaves Frog Eyes, dates TK.

Star Destroyer is out via Jagjaguwar.