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Band To Watch: Pop. 1280

New York Jim Thompson fans Pop. 1280’s shredding, scowling The Grid 12″ surfaces after the self-released “Bedbugs” 7″ and a split single with Hot Guts. The sharply noisy post-punk/no wave quartet conjure a scrubby, dangerous Downtown New York junkyard that no longer exists. Not a specific sound. More a sensibility, subject, and clamor that crosses decades — Pussy Galore, Swans, Suicide, Live Skull, Cop Shoot Cop, Contortions, Royal Trux, early Sonic Youth, fellow travelers Sightings, Twin Stumps, York Factory Complaint, etc. (Listening to vocalist Chris Beetle sermonize can also take you out of NYC to Nick Cave and his Birthday Party.) Some folks call it downer punk, but the urgency, sweat, and slicing, snarling attitude’s uplifting. See, for instance, opening salvo “Step Into The Grid.”

Pop. 1280 – “Step Into The Grid”

The Grid:

01 “Step Into The Grid”
02 “Anonymous Blonde”
03 “Data Dump”
04 “Redtube”
05 “Midget”
06 “Trash Cop”

The Grid 12″ is out 10/26 via Sacred Bones. Look for an associated video by Jacqueline Castel. Hear more at MySpace. Check them out in person:

10/08 – New York, NY – Cake Shop
10/24 – Annandale, NY – Bard College
11/02 – Cleveland, OH – Now That’s Class
11/06 – Columbus, OH – Skylab
11/07 – Philadelphia, PA – Pi Liam
11/08 – Baltimore, MD – Hamsterdam

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