Panda Bear – “You Can Count On Me” / “Alsatian Darn”

The next in the series of singles Noah Lennox will release in the wind up for his forthcoming Tomboy LP is “You Can Count On Me” b/w “Alsatian Darn,” (sold) out on 10/19 via Domino. Amazon’s buy link has a snippet preview of both sides of the 7″, and both sides will come as a welcome respite for those dreading hearing/turned off by the “drony trance grooves punctuated by atonal yelps, yodels, and the occasional wounded whale noise” that’s characterized most of what Panda’s shown off so far. As for “Alsatian Darn,” it’s not the bleak gloomy monochordal King Tubby sampler that popped up in live form but something quite different and considerably more melodic and lively, instead. Hear ‘em both over at Amazon.

UPDATE: Full streams of vinyl rips are now here:

“You Can Count On Me”

“Alsatian Darn”

Don’t forget “Tomboy” b/w “Slow Motion.” LP’s due out sometime, in the future.

(via Collected Animals via GvsB).

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