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Band To Watch: Crocodiles

When we gathered up our favorite artists’ year-end lists No Age included Crocodiles’ “Neon Jesus” as one of their top 10 “shredders” of ’08: “[Crocodiles are] a great new band from San Diego. This song is a real good kinda early eighties electro punk pop jam. It is super catchy.” All true, but something No Age didn’t mention is that it also sounds — in a great way — like Velvet Underground-swinging Jesus & Mary Chain. And if you take a look at one of the sunglasses-with-attitude photos of ex-Prayers/The Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower’s Charles Rowland (guitar, synth) and Brandon Welchez (vocals, programming), there’s more to it than just the sound. The below picture’s pretty colorful, but songs like “I Wanna Kill” and “Summer Of Hate” are more shades of gray, despite the hooks (in the same way the brothers Reid can make rain, psycho candy, and darklands sounds so inviting). It also shouldn’t be surprising that they’ve posted Crystal Stilts on their Skull Kontrol blog. Sound comparisons aside, the two recently followed fellow Southern California distortion lover Wavves, signing a two album deal with Fat Possum. The first one, Summer Of Hate, is out in May. We have No Age’s beloved “Neon Jesus” along with “I Wanna Kill” and “Summer Of Hate.” Dig into the feedback:

Crocodiles – “I Wanna Kill” (MP3)
Crocodiles – “Summer Of Hate” (MP3)
Crocodiles – “Neon Jesus” (MP3)

“Neon” in visual form:

Summer Of Hate is out 4/28 via Fat Possum. In the meantime, you can pick up “Neon Jesus” b/w “Neon Autobahn” via Zoo. Sorry Cold Cave fans, Crocodiles’ Down In The Ground split with Cold Cave and Blessure Grave is sold out. But do look for a four-way split between Crocodiles, Pens, Best Fwends, and Dum Dum Girls via Art Fag.

[Photo by Alex Kacha]

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