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Band To Watch: Total Warr

Total Warr is a newly formed Parisian duo who make rhythmic, rich pop songs. Its members — who go by the charming French nicknames Kiki and Guigui, were longtime friends in different hardcore bands before they decided to hook up. According to Kiki, the pair visited (Euro) Disneyland with their girlfriends, then wrote, recorded, and produced the first two tracks that make up their just-released Cascades EP. The first “Gangsta Rap” begins with a little harsh synth arpeggio and handmade percussion, before the pair add in juicier synths, a drum machine, and acoustic guitar. “I Don’t Need Your Friendship” focuses more on the pair’s boyish harmonies. Guitar feedback, the sound of someone eating popcorn (?), and a tambourine form its beat. Think Yeasayer, or of recent Frenchkiss signee Young Man while listening to these tracks. Or think of Panda Bear and Disneyland.

Total Warr – “Gangsta Rap”

Total Warr – “I Don’t Need Your Friendship”

Total Warr recorded three additional songs for their EP before the Kiki half of the band left for New York for the rest of 2010. Cascades was released in late September. While they can still trade tracks back and forth, they can’t take photos together. You’ll have to stare at their happy dolphin band image instead (not a bad thing). The Cascades EP is out now via Hi-Scores Recording Library.

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