Danger Mouse-Produced U2 LP On The Way

Earlier this year Bono suffered a slipped disk that threatened to slice into nerves in his spinal chord and leave him paralyzed. He started to lose the ability to walk before he realized it was serious and underwent surgery. He’s fine now, but his fears over the future somehow pushed U2 into hyper-productivity. He told The Age that the band is currently working on three albums, including one with Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse. Says Bono: “We have about 12 songs with him. At the moment that looks like the album we will put out next because it’s just happening so easily.” The other two LPs? A “club” record with help from Lady Gaga producer RedOne and David Guetta, and a possible concept album based on their Spider-Man musical. Looking forward to that Danger Mouse one.

Photo courtesy of U2.com.

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