Stream Queens Of The Stone Age’s Era Vulgaris

Stream Queens Of The Stone Age’s Era Vulgaris

The net has been flushed with content from the Queens: The two video versions of “Sick, Sick, Sick” brought hellfire gluttony and barely covered nipples to the proceedings; the Dan Deacon-inspired smart-ass character Bulby brought some “light” humor (rimshot) to the pre-release watercooler (now Bulby’s singing); and QOTSA covered Tom Waits to remind that they know their place in the canon. But cut through the Casablancas collaboration and the blog post frenzy, and at the heart of their latest, Hommeboy wrote at least one-half of a classic record.

If you’re not convinced (or if you have yet to hear it), head to Much Music for a full album stream, and key in on opening track “Turnin’ On The Screw”; first single “Sick, Sick, Sick” (featuring Julian); the superb, Stone-aged heart-worn rock of “Into The Hollow”; the prime-numbered guitar-shrieking killer “3’s & 7’s”; and lastly and perhaps most awesomely, “Make It Wit Chu,” with Josh making a case that they could be the Queens of soul. At least for a song and a day. And if the Much Music listening party ain’t doing it for ya, head to for the band’s Era player.

[Pic of QOTSA @ Lolla ’06]

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