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Band To Watch: Regal Degal

Brooklyn post-punk trio Regal Degal perform in a kind of wind-tunneling locked-groove, one that gathers steam as it circles into itself. They’re fronted by onetime Dinowalrus drummer Josh da Costa, which maybe has something to do with the percussiveness of each instrument. (And their updated take on an older, dirtier NYC sound is more serious than you’d expect from the Three’s Company Regal Beagle echo of their name.) The band’s official debut, a RVNG-imprinted cassette called Format Worth, is out next week. You should be able to grab one at their 11/5 Death By Audio show with Silkflowers. We’re told to expect “layers of enchanting weirdness” that maybe you didn’t catch on earlier homemade CD-R’s. Get acquainted via two impressive demo tracks, “Pretty Busy” and “As Furry.” Each one includes unexpected twists and an ear for space.

Regal Degal – “Pretty Busy”

Regal Degal – “As Furry”

Format Worth is out imminently via RVNG. You can do some more listening at the band’s blog. To get a sense of that locked-in thing, here they are playing a new track “Compelled” at the Cake Shop earlier this month:

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