Miley Cyrus Vows To Ruin Rude, Stinky Radiohead

Kanye West wasn’t the only singer Radiohead allegedly dissed at the Grammys. Teen pop star Miley Cyrus was so devastated that her fellow Grammy performers wouldn’t chill with her backstage, she left the ceremony early! So she promises to “ruin” them. This latest drama was revealed on the Johnjay & Rich radio show on Tuesday. Here’s what happened.

There’s a band Miley Cyrus would be “freaking out, crying, on my knees” if she met, she tells the DJs. (I think we can relate to that much, Thom Yorke is dreamy.) She goes on to say she asked her manager to pull every string so she could just meet her heroes. Radiohead’s response? “We don’t really do that kind of thing.” It’s difficult to be sure, because Miley speaks really fast and doesn’t enunciate, but it sounds like Radiohead rebuffed her to her face. Which means I can see why she’d be upset (though you’d think this #1 superfan would know that Thom Yorke is a little shy?), but she doesn’t have to go on the radio and play a ten-minute game having everyone guess who dissed her.

Other highlights if you listen to the whole thing: Miley heard a crazy rumor that Kings of Leon are preacher’s sons. CRAZY. And, in response to the host’s guess the offending artist was Boyz II Men? “I don’t listen to rap.” At the very end, she sings a line of “Creep” to the RADIO DJ who claims to not know who Radiohead is. Audio below, via The Modern Age.

Letcha know when Thom responds on his LiveJournal.