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Band To Watch: Headless Horseman

At first blush, there’s something almost grating about New York-via-Allentown duo Headless Horseman — the music’s warped, claustrophobic, Chimpmunk-y, sorta strange. After you let it sink in for a few seconds, it’s also sharp, smart, and full of unavoidable hooks. Bandmates Conner O’Neill and Fareed Sajan were reportedly both born on Halloween. Apocryphal or not, despite the tendency toward cheekiness at their pink MySpace page, etc., there is something shadowy and haunted about their approach (and their Microphones-evoking band name, bedroom-glitzy press photos). The ingredients/tags on their Bandcamp also give a good idea of what to expect: “baritone, ukulele, big beat, glitch, glockenspiel, hi-fi, icelandic folk music, lo-fi, new york, percussion, pitch-shifting, pop, reverb, surf…” (Or adjust commas randomly.) It’s also fitting they have an upcoming show with pop surrealist and onetime BTW Quinn Walker (of BTW Suckers). Get acquainted with “KSSD HM,” one of their “spookier” bits.

Headless Horseman – “KSSD HM”

A couple others:

Headless Horseman – “Wavlngth”
Headless Horseman – “SH8KR”

Look for a 7″ on twosyllable in January. You’ll find plenty more at their bandcamp page. (Fans of the Unicorns may want to perk up their ears.) They’re doing a residency at Piano’s in January 2011. Before they move in, though, they’re visiting the space for two dates:

11/04 – New York, NY @ Piano’s #
11/18 – New York, NY @ Piano’s %

# w/ Keepaway, The Big Sleep, Ramona Cordova
% w/ Quinn (from Suckers), Free Blood