Odd Future @ The Echo, Los Angeles 12/1/10

When the lyrically divisive and button pressing though unquestionably gifted Tumblr-centric Los Angeles rap crew Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All played their first show in NYC, most every media outlet in the city had a delegate present (shout out). Already known though laid bare that night, Odd Future orbits around rapper/producer/mainbrain Tyler, The Creator’s undeniable charisma, which is second only to that of his eyeballs. He sucked on inhaler and prowled in compensation for Earl Sweatshirt’s absence (or because that is just what he does). Last night Odd Future performed on home turf. I have no idea how much of the L.A. media was there, though it’s a good guess most of the L.A. media was there. (Also there: Aziz, a Stroke, Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing.) Photographer Graeme Flegenheimer managed Not To Get Punched In The Fucking Mouth, took and filed these shots. Download Tyler, The Creator’s Bastard and Earl Sweatshirt’s Earl, read this piece by Fennessey and this one by Caramanica and this one by Baron, watch Tyler’s eyes bug in “French,” and the rest of Odd Future’s eye’s bleed in “Earl,” and you’ll be primed.