Mountain Goats All Eternals Deck Details

John Darnielle writes a monthly column for Decibel, peppers his albums with references to the heavy stuff (see “Marduk T-Shirt Men’s Room Incident,” “The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton,” Satanic Messiah, the ongoing interest in Sweden, Gothenburg especially), eats death metal steaks, tried to get the the kids to listen to Mastodon in ’05, and is vocal about his love of metal (death and otherwise, but mostly death) on Last Plane To Jakarta, so the announcement yesterday that DM legend Erik Rutan of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, and a million well-produced albums was turning the knobs on All Eternals Deck, the band’s followup to The Life of the World To Come, felt less like a surprise and more like a fitting next move (that “move” being a throwing of the proverbial horns). Before you assume the Mountain Goats are heading into Altars Of Madness territory: Just because you’re recording with a death metal dude doesn’t mean you’re playing death metal. Today Darnielle took to Twitter to stress that point: “tMG can’t play DM ’til I master guttural death growl i.e. ca. 2015.” Darnielle listens to metal, doesn’t make it. Rutan makes metal, doesn’t only produce it. Also, the 13-song collection was recorded in four different studios: Rutan handled four tracks and the rest was rounded out by John Congleton (four songs), Brandon Eggleston (one song), and Scott Solter (four songs). Additional details, some in Darnielle’s words:

If you have ever watched say a 70s occult-scare movie where one of the scenes involves a few people visiting a storefront fortune teller, getting their cards read, and then trying to feel super-hopeful about their predicted outcome when what they’re visibly actually feeling is dread, then you have a pretty decent idea of what the album is all about.” He elaborates, “Other possible points of reference include ‘Burnt Offerings,’ ‘Go Ask Alice,’ and that one scene in The Warriors where they’re on the train and the sun’s coming up and they’re safe but you know the scars are permanent now.

All Eternals Deck:

01 “Damn These Vampires”
02 “Birth of Serpents”
03 “Estate Sale Sign”
04 “Age of Kings”
05 “The Autopsy Garland”
06 “Beautiful Gas Mask”
07 “High Hawk Season”
08 “Prowl Great Cain”
09 “Sourdoire Valley Song”
10 “Outer Scorpion Squadron”
11 “For Charles Bronson”
12 “Never Quite Free”
13 “Liza Forever Minnelli”

All Eternals Deck is out 3/29 via Merge. It’s the band’s first for the label. The lineup on this one is Darnielle, Peter Hughes, and Jon Wurster. Darnielle has more to say at (After Liturgy signed to Thrill Jockey a few weeks ago, Darnielle, Chris Weingarten, and I had a protracted Twitter war about cross-pollinating genres, etc. Darnielle gets an award for keeping the Rutan trump card a secret.)