A Few Chelsea Wolfe Originals (And A Burzum Cover)

Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime And The Glow

A Few Chelsea Wolfe Originals (And A Burzum Cover)

Chelsea Wolfe - The Grime And The Glow

L.A.’s Chelsea Wolfe composes fractured, noisy, abstract, experimental and exploratory gothy doom-folk that reminds me a bit of Portal Of Sorrow, Marissa Nadler’s collaboration with Xasthur. Maybe Zola Jesus, at least in some overall “vibe,” when she goes for the windswept. Or, weirdly, the much missed Flying Canyon. Her work, which she’s called “spiritual realm funeral songs” and labeled “Estonian industrial,” features those sorts of blackened atmospherics and fuzz alongside her strong voice and imaginative playing. Wolfe’s debut full-length The Grime And The Glow comes out at the end of the month via Pendu Sound Recordings, who recently released aTelecine’s A Cassette Tape Culture (and spoke eloquently about the passing of Peter Christopherson). It’s likely not going to show up on many year-end lists because it’s arriving after folks have already submitted those sorts of things, and it seems to exist a bit outside of the critical discourse, but I find myself listening and enjoying often. You’ll get a sense of what Wolfe’s doing via “Moses.” I’ve also posted videos for “Advice & Vices,” “Bounce House Demons,” “The Whys” and “Widow” as well as a non-album Burzum cover because outside of a shared darkness her approach is eclectic.

Chelsea Wolfe – “Moses”

The Grime And The Glow:

01 “Advice & Vices”
02 “Cousins of the Antichrist”
03 “Moses”
04 “Deep Talks”
05 “Fang”
06 “Benjamin”

01 “The Whys”
02 “Noorus”
03 “Halfsleeper”
04 “Bounce House Demons”
05 “Widow”

The Grime And The Glow is out 12/28 via Pendu Sound. She recently covered “Black Spell Of Destruction” by Burzum, aka the guy behind 2010’s best Norwegian-born album (Sorry, Enslaved).

Chelsea Wolfe Promo 2010

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