Elbow – “Lippy Kids”

“Lippy Kids” was the working title for Elbow’s fifth studio album. They changed it to Build A Rocket Boys!, but this song uses the original title, as you can see from this live in-the-studio video. It was shot at Blueprint Studios, where they recorded the whole album with producer/keyboard player Craig Potter. According to the band, Build’s about childhood and nostalgia — “Lippy Kids” has lines like “Do they know those days are golden?” You’ll hear the final album title in the lyrics, too. Watch:

Build A Rocket Boys! is out 3/4. Here’s the tracklist to the deluxe version:

01 “Lippy Kids”
02 “The Birds”
03 “With Love”
04 “Neat Little Rows”
05 “Jesus Is A Rochdale Girl”
06 “The Night Will Always Win”
07 “High Ideals”
08 “The River”
09 “Open Arms”
10 “The Birds (Reprise)”
11 “Dear Friends”

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