Vampire Weekend & The Black Keys Hit Colbert For A “Sell-Out-Off”

Last night’s Report featured Stephen’s analysis of the Grammys (he’s a voting member of NARAS since he won a gramophone last year). It centered mostly on the Best Alternative Album category, which served as a good setup — and netted a couple of Colbert one-liners on Arcade Fire, Band Of Horses, and Broken Bells — for a “sell-out-off” debate between Ezra from Vampire Weekend and the Black Keys on which band had most sold their souls. (Stephen’s verdict: “Clearly you have equally whored out your music.”) Watch it for Colbert’s likening the economic evolution of music to that of porn (nobody pays for it anymore), or for the bands’ jabs at Pat’s “ironic glasses” and Ezra’s Cape Coddity, or for my favorite part: the audience’s confusion as to how to react to the airing of the commercials the bands use as exhibits in their competition to be the biggest sell-out. Since they’re making fun of something traditionally viewed as artistically undesirable, the audience is left with the difficult decision of how best to use their applause power, which they reconcile in the way audiences do best: applaud for the thing they are most familiar with. Which means, of course, VMPR WKND’s Honda “Holiday” ad brings down the house. The fun starts around 3:45.

Tune in to watch Arcade Fire not win Album Of The Year during the Grammys telecast on 2/13. Here are your nominees.