Band To Watch: Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers Promo Photo 2010

Band To Watch: Silk Flowers

Silk Flowers Promo Photo 2010

Silk Flowers released a self-titled PPM full-length and the As Above So Below EP on Captured Tracks in 2009, but it’s their sophomore effort, the MNDR-produced Ltd. Form, that feels like it’ll bring them wider name recognition. (That lo-fi darkwave is no longer so lo-fi, etc.) The NYC trio of Ethan Swan, Aviram Cohen, and Peter Schuette have received plenty of Joy Division references and get labeled with the “goth” tag, but that discounts a lot going on in their DIY electro-based compositions. (And colorful constructions.) They know their noise and punk: When they did a mix for No Conclusion this past March, they included Shadow Ring and Amps For Christ along with the Craig Leon, Fingers Inc., D.A.F., Valerie Dore, Alternative TV, and Echo And The Bunnymen. There’s also a pleasant, idiosyncratic awkwardness to Cohen’s deadpan baritone and lyricism. PPM’s not so far off mentioning Scott Walker, though he’s not armed with anything that sinister or epic. It’s a cozier, sorta cuddly, homegrown croon — like a downcast take on Ethan Buckler’s post-Slint stylings in King Kong. Or, maybe Matt Berninger on a Human League kick. Interestingly, the album’s first three tracks are excellent instrumentals, a pretty 10+ minute coldwave build before Cohen’s first heady croons on “Fruit Of The Vine.” In fact, there are more vocal-free songs on here than not, the pacing thoughtful, strange, and compelling throughout. Get a taste of the guys firing on all cylinders on closer “A Brush Through The Dust.”

Silk Flowers – “A Brush Through The Dust”

Ltd. Form:

01 “Chance”
02 “Frozen Moments”
03 “Covered Lamp”
04 “Fruit of the Vine”
05 “Small Fortune”
06 “Band Of Color”
07 “Present Dreams”
08 “Thin Air”
09 “A Brush Through The Dust”

You can listen to the single version of “Band Of Color” at Soundcloud. Here’s a remix of “Frozen Moments” by Nite Jewel. The album version’s an instrumental. This one isn’t:

Silk Flowers – “Frozen Moments (Nite Jewel Remix)”

Ltd. Form is out 2/8 via PPM. They have an enjoyable blog.

Silk Flowers - Ltd Form

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