Travis Morrison Grades Pitchfork

After P4K’s recent double egging of This Is Next, we went through our Rolodex for other artists who’ve received a 0.0 from the site. Since we’re no longer talking to Kiss, Jet, Bob Pollard, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, or Liz Phair, we dropped a line to our favorite ex-Dismemberment Planner and Javascript writer Travis Morrison to get his thoughts on the failing grade.

Nah, we didn’t ask about the All Y’all review. Not even about Travistan … Since he’s been there, we just wanted to know how he felt about P4K’s 0.0 Next review. From the desk of Travis M to you…

Matt LeMay is in Get Him Eat Him isn’t he? I dunno, maybe the artists got some money to be on it, and that’s good, right? They’ll need to sock some away for when the bloggers and Pitchfork come after them! Ha Ha Ha … I was going to say “don’t print that,” but what the hell.

Wonder if this means …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are currently millionaires?