ThunderAnt – Episode 1: “This Is Nice” (Stereogum Premiere)

We just told you Corin Tucker’s been busy singing along with AT&T spokesman EdVed, but ever wonder what happened to Carrie Brownstein after Sleater-Kinney called it quits? Well, our favorite windmilling guitarist found a formidable partner of her own: SNL funny guy Fred Armisen. The duo, calling themselves ThunderAnt, are creating a series of videos they plan to unleash upon the world (some via Stereogum).

To mark the occasion, we asked ThunderAnt to comment. Armisen passed along the following, which he duly noted “Carrie approves/helped write”:

For as long as Carrie and I have been friends we’ve talked about collaborating on some video projects. We found time in 2005 to film two shorts in Portland: “Boink!” and a piece about Portland bicycle activists that has yet to be released. We had such a great time working together that we wanted to write and shoot more. We had these ideas that didn’t necessarily have punch lines or jokes, but they made us laugh, so we got our friends to help us put them together. There are more being written and edited right now and we’ll eventually have a site for all the videos.

What he doesn’t mention: They also wrote the punchy theme music — Fred on drums, Carrie on keyboards.

Ever the comedy/music hybrid, Armisen also appears on the new Les Savy Fav, has tracked bands at SXSW, directed a video for the Helio Sequence, and back in the day — before imitating Prince or cymbal splashing as Fericito — he was a monster drummer for Chicago punks Trenchmouth. Carrie? We all know about her guitar and vocal and etc. prowess, but check out her comic timing in ThunderAnt’s first episode, “This Is Nice.”

That’s just the start. She especially shines in Episode 2, which comes straight to you from a Feminist Bookstore. It’ll premiere on Stereogum in the near future. For now, dig this still.

Nice wig, Fred.

Armisen asked us to world premiere this new project for you discerning Stereogum readers, so bonus points if you keep your criticism constructive. If not, he’s showing up at your place to take you on an awkward date.