New Man Man Video (Feat. Fred Armisen, Charlyne Yi & Martin Starr) – “Rabbit Habits”

It’s been about a year since Man Man released the first video from Rabbit Habits. In the relatively quiet time since, Honus Honus apparently has been poring over storyboards and striking up friendships with ThunderAnts and members of the Apatow crew. The video for “Rabbit Habits” features Fred Armisen as a guy kicking chocolate-oriented pickup lines to various nerdy Asian girls, Knocked Up’s Charlyne Yi as one of said nerdy Asian girls, and a cute cameo by Ice Cream Man. Also there’s fun role reversal for Freaks And Geeks’ Martin Starr: once a geek, here a freak.

Rabbit Habits is out via Anti-.

Sidebar: Martin’s great in Adventureland, which opens with “Bastards Of Young,” closes with “Unsatisfied,” and has a lot of Lou Reed and laughs in between.