Beck Reissues One Foot In The Grave With A Ton Of Bonus Cuts

Although the slacker anthemics of “Loser” alone wouldn’t have suggested the pending depth of Beck’s discog, by the end of 1994 close listeners had a roadmap in the form of three disparate records: Stereopathic Soulmanure, Mellow Gold, and finally the June-released One Foot In The Grave. The latter put the focus on folk, through Beck’s lens, and was released on K Records with production, vocal, and studio support from the mighty Calvin Johnson, because game recognizes burgeoning game. (Also in support: folks from Built To Spill, Spinanes, and Love As Laughter.) There was no big hit, but that wasn’t the point: we met another side of “the real Beck,” and he got prepped to blow up MTV rotation lists with Odelay. It’s a beloved LP for Beck cultists, and will probably get more casual namedrops in douchey indie rock bar conversations after next week’s big reissue, which repackages the original LP with a slate of bonus tracks, many of which are previously unreleased. Here’s a full tracklist:

01 “He’s A Mighty Good Leader”
02 “Sleeping Bag”
03 “I Get Lonesome”
04 “Burnt Orange Peel”
05 “Cyanide Breath Mint”
06 “See Water”
07 “Ziplock Bag”
08 “Hollow Log”
09 “Forcefield”
10 “Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods”
11 “Asshole”
12 “I’ve Seen The Land Beyond”
13 “Outcome”
14 “Girl Dreams”
15 “Painted Eyelids”
16 “Atmospheric Conditions”


17 “It’s All In Your Mind” (K Records 7″)
18 “Whiskey Can Can” (K Records 7″)
19 “Mattress”*
20 “Woe On Me”*
21 “Teenage Wastebasket”*
22 “Your Love Is Weird”*
23 “Favorite Nerve”*
24 “Piss On The Door”*
25 “Close To God”*
26 “Sweet Satan”*
27 “Burning Boyfriend”*
28 “Black Lake Morning”*
29 “Feather In Your Cap” (K Records 7″)
30 “One Foot In the Grave”*
31 “Teenage Wastebasket”*
32 “I Get Lonesome”*

* never before released

The reissue is out 4/14 on Beck’s Iliad label.

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