New Feist Video (Feat. Cillian Murphy) – “The Water”

So many actors getting work on Stereogum today. The new Feist video for The Reminder’s fluid and spacious gem “The Water” is a 15 minute piece written and directed by Kevin Drew and starring David Fox, Cillian Murphy, and Leslie. Back in 2007, Kevin Drew interviewed Cillian for Under The Radar and bonded with the thespian over their shared Irish heritage and love for Broken Social Scene. In the making of featurette you’ll find along with the video here, Drew says he thought Murphy and Leslie shared similar eyes, which is code for they are both hot people, and this realization inspired him to conceive a narrative. Kevin brought the idea to Feist and they settled on this Reminder song to soundtrack it, or at least the three minutes of it that aren’t awash in silence, cigarettes, and the two lines of dialogue. Better “The Water” than “Feel It All”; the film opens with Cillian and David dragging a body through the snow, and its eerie uncertainty doesn’t snap into focus until a crumpled photo toward the end establishes the roles and relations. It’s not Kevin’s first directorial effort, but certainly his most ambitious.

Here’s the making-of, with lots of talk about acting and the directorial process with Kevin and Leslie:

(Both via P4K)

Feist says that she would love to be a walk-on in the Deadwood movie that’s being made, but I don’t think there’s a Deadwood movie being made. Although that would be great, I think Milch is busy working on Last Of The Ninth. Anyway, Leslie would look great in that period-era garb, so maybe that’s a good enough reason to get Al Swearengen back in the habit, Milchy.

The Reminder is an album.