Odd Future’s Performance On Fallon Is A Thing You Absolutely Should Watch

NBC found its must-see TV last night, thanks to an intense four-minute appearance from a shock-tricked hip hop troupe of teenagers from Los Angeles. Honors to Tyler, The Creator and Hodgy Beats, with the help of Questlove (in black hoodie for necessary, bonus hardness) and Mos Def’s Kool Aid swilled “SWAAAG”s delivered straight into camera at the performance’s end, for making a rap performance the punkest thing Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’s seen in its two year history. This take on the re-done “Sandwiches” is the latest frame of an extended week-long closeup on Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All and its creative director Tyler, The Creator: Friday came the stark and searing video for “Yonkers“; Monday the news that estimable, selective indie XL had taken him on for a one-album deal (they sign but one of the 200,000+ artist submissions a year, according to this worthy profile of label boss Richard Russell); Tuesday it was a sold-out show at Santos Party House that vacillated from dangerous and thrilling to calm-before-the-storm in direct proportion to Tyler’s appearance and disappearances from stage; and then this thing, last night. Propers to actress Felicia Day for nailing the “Wolf” to Tyler’s “Gang” when he jumped over to introduce himself midsong, and propers to the Fallon music crew for proper booking.

At Santos Tuesday Tyler showed off a slight refinement and newfound performer’s pacing to the livewire charisma he brought to the Studio @ Webster late last year. He introduced a song by saying “I plan on getting on Bill O’Reilly and scaring a whole bunch of white parents with this motherfucker” (song title: “Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School,” which is a good start). If white parents still stay up to watch late night TV he may have iced a couple already, though, so mazal tov. Watch the Fallon performance, and some very worthy video from that Santos show also embedded below, along with that “Yonkers” clip, to help frame his hyper-reality hip hop calibrated to cut through the static of tweetdeck Facebook feed selective attenuation. (But if you have enough attention for one more feed, @fucktyler can be worthwhile.) Here:

Xmas gnomes have never played creepier. Here’s some Santos, with Tyler doing “Bastard” into “French,” into “VCR,” with special notice to his expression in the spare moments between the two before Santos explodes.

“Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School”

A cross-gen screengrab for you.

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