Odd Future Make A Clip For Funny Or Die

So this month Tyler and his cabal crossed some sort of a divide from internet/forum phenoms to bona fide YouTube (and boobtube) stars, rapidly checking off apparent life goals of meeting Bieber and Diddy and being big upped from Kanye and filing tweets popping on @humblebrag’s radar. And so a satirical FunnyOrDie video starring Paul Scheer with Tyler, Hodgy, Left Brain, Mike D, and Jasper Loc winking at Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All’s shock-trips ALREADY seems sorta fast but then also very internet circa February 2011. OFWGKTA get to say “fuck” a lot, Tyler gets to quote his tweets about what he’d like to do to Selena Gomez’s mouth, the kids get to show a callous disregard for physical property. Whether it’s a shrewdly self-aware profile bump from a performance artsy 19-year-old straight edge that raps about rape and has a song about enjoying snorting blow (called, “Blow”), or a squandering of mystique too quickly is a fair question to ponder, and is also secondary to the main point and the undeniable truth surrounding the project: Odd Future is officially and completely living the meme.

If the internet gods will allow it, Tyler on Between Two Ferns should be next, and immediate.

Bonus: Toro Y Moi remixes Tyler’s “French”:

Tyler, The Creator – “French (Toro Y Moi Remix)”

(via alteredzones.com/gorillavsbear.net)