Throbbing Gristle @ Masonic Temple, Brooklyn 4/16/09

Avant garde post-punk outfit Throbbing Gristle played its first ever NY gig last night. Only 32 years in the making. The industrial music pioneers, led by legendary transgender front person Genesis P-Orridge, previously played the US just twice; those shows took place in 1981 in California, and that’s where they’ll return this weekend for Coachella. Paul McCartney, Leonard Cohen, Paul Weller, Throbbing Gristle … is this your Coachella on drugs (Celebrex)? Last night’s show at Masonic Temple began with the In The Shadow Of The Sun score followed by a painfully long merch signing session. It was a special occasion, sure, but this before the actual performance? According to our photog Santiago Felipe, as well as various online reviews (and BV commenters), another rub was the decision to leave on the house lights during the main set, which elicited jeers from the crowd. The night was sonically challenging as expected, but hopefully the logistics of a Coachella slot will make lighting design and intermission a non-issue. We’ll letcha know Monday. In the meantime you can check out Santi’s pics and a video of “Discipline.”