New Kanye West (Feat. Young Jeezy) Video – “Amazing”

It is possible that Kanye will make a video for every one of 808s’ heartbreaks. And that could be fun. This new one, directed by Hype Williams and shot in Hawaii, however, strikes me as an elaborate excuse for Kanye to write off a recent trip with Hype Williams to Hawaii. We can all agree that aerial shots of Hawaii are inherently amazing while also agreeing WHAT’S IN THE HATCH?, and yes this is a song that has Kanye addressing the inner demons and ego that occasionally play themselves out on his blog and etc. so seeing him contemplating nature by his lonesome has a certain poetry to it, but I don’t know. Seems like Hype took a plane and a camera, and Kanye packed his denim and his yacht, and then this happened. Just in time for tax season. But it is pretty! And there is a Young Jeezy and a bikini girl by the fire, so that is entertaining too. Not as entertaining as the interview Kanye gives at the end of this embed, but few things are as entertaining as Kanye interviews.

808s & Heartbreak is an album. Kanye’s headlining Roskilde. And “Amazing” is also the soundtrack to this NBA playoffs commercial:

Also: How could you be so Arli$$?