Sufjan’s Song For Sofia Coppola

Before Sufjan Stevens became who he is today, he was a nerdy college kid stuffing pillows and sheets into the air vents so folks couldn’t hear him sing his tentative “assembly-line-style” songs. In an amusing, thoughtful post over at Asthmatic Kitty, Stevens explains the week his parents gave him the option to change his name (he couldn’t come up with anything that worked), allowing that to lead him into a discussion of the various “name songs” he wrote in college. He unearthed a bunch of them recently, “stuffed onto tape cassettes, 4-track recorders, forgotten boxes, forgotten shelves, forgotten hard drives” and decided to make at least one of them public. So, here’s “Sofia,” created “in a world where the banjo was my journal, where Sofia Coppola was my imaginary confidant, and where singing out of tune was perfectly OK!” Sounds OK to me, too:

Sufjan Stevens – “Sofia’s Song” (MP3)
(Via P4K).

Phoenix should cover it. Read the rest of Sufjan’s “What’s In A Name?” entry at Asthmatic Kitty.