Psychedelic Horseshit Hates On Wavves, No Age, TVOTR

Well, at least main Horseshittter Matt Whitehurst does. The following interview he did with the Washington Post is a few weeks old, but Brooklyn Vegan unearthed it today and we thought it was too amusing not to share, especially because, as mentioned, Wavves is such a polarizing figure. Whitehurst also goes on a one-man mission about the popularization of lo-fi (Robert Pollard just pointed at his 1992 calendar), but seems to forget that he took part in that MTV’s dorky intro-to-lo-fi spot last year, along with No Age and sundry other acts who’ve since become more popular. Still, I do like Psychedelic Horseshit OK and it makes for good reading, especially because not enough bands harsh on each other in print these days.

Washington Post: Do you like coming down here and playing 13 shows in four days?

Matt Whitehurst: Yes. I just like playing with different people. It’s always the same crowds when we go on tour and [expletive]. They wanna come out and see Vivian Girls or Wavves or some [expletive]. And we get up there and freak ‘em out. So down here it’s kind of nice. People don’t know what to expect.

Washington Post: Vivian Girls, Wavves – why is everyone in a lo-fi band now?

MW: I have no idea. I don’t know. It became in vogue sometime in the last year due to a few figureheads talking a bunch of [expletive] on Terminal Boredom. And now it’s exploded into this thing there where Wavves is getting $30,000 to [expletive] crank out this [expletive] generic [expletive].

Washington Post: There’s a lot of one-person things now.

MW: Right it’s one person with GarageBand and a few chords and like — Wavves to me sounds like [expletive] TV on the Radio. That band sucks [expletive]. It’s one of the worst bands to get popular in a long time. They [expletive] trump No Age because I think it’s worse than No Age. No Age is just like, [expletive]. It’s really [expletive].

Washington Post: But you’re playing at least one show with Wavves down here.

MW: Three of them, yeah.

Washington Post: So how do you reconcile that?

MW: We made “Wavves Suxx” t-shirts with it spelled S-U-X-X. We got tons of people taking pictures with us in those. People are all into it. And actually Wavves came up to our drummer and our drummer had no idea it was Wavves. And Wavves took like six pictures with Rich with the “Wavves Suxx” t-shirt on. So, you know, that little [expletive]’s probably into it or something. And is probably like, Oh, it’s like hip-hop, man!

Washington Post: People could know nothing about you but your band name and it would be pretty easy to figure out you’re probably not going to be indie rock superstars.

MW: I guess not. We’d love to be but I guess we picked the wrong name for that. We should have named ourselves Wavves. We’d be rich now if we would’ve. We’re better than Wavves, he does the same kind of [expletive].

They forgot about Fucked Up and a few other “Fuck” bands (and Seth is curious about Anal Cunt’s career), but then they talk a bit about lo-fi before zeroing back in on Wavves.

Washington Post: Do you think it’ll be fleeting, or will these bands maintain fans?

MW: I don’t know. Honestly I hope so because somehow if those [expletive][expletive]-[expletive] bands, by default, are like the leaders of the lo-fi movement now and we’re somehow under that umbrella because we made a lo-fi album. So it’s like, if those bands [expletive] don’t do good, I’m going to hunt them down and kill them because that’s the end of us. They’re [expletive] representing a bunch of good bands. Somehow the [expletive] bands get to represent the good bands. But it’s like that all through [expletive] history. Psychedelic Horse[expletive] – I think we’re better than Wavves, for sure….

I don’t care if people like Psychedelic Horse[expletive]. It’s for me. It’s for me to make music that I like. I don’t give a [expletive] if anybody likes it. Those bands, they’re all about like, Oh, we’re girls! Or, Oh, we’re skaters! Or, Oh, we’re California bros! Yeah, but, can you write a good song? No. You [expletive] put a couple chords together – I don’t know. I shouldn’t be talking so much [expletive] in an interview about Psychedelic Horse[expletive]. But it’s so prevalent now, everybody’s getting a [expletive] about all these bands…

Washington Post: Anyway, so you think this will make it harder for the “good” bands to break through?

MW: Well now it’s like if we make a record people are gonna be like, Oh, this Psychedelic Horse[expletive] record sounds like Wavves! Because it’s lo-fi! No. No, it doesn’t sound like Wavves. Wavves sounds like TV on the Radio, which [expletive] sounds like some really bad [expletive].

Washington Post: Yeah, I don’t really get that band, they’re not the worst.

MW: It’s just like Wavves if he had some black dudes and a full band.

He sees Wavves everywhere. He should never go to the ocean. There’s much more, including talk of Blank Dogs, Times New Viking and, yes, WAVVES, at The Washington Post. To be fair to Whitehurst, at one point the interviewer asks if lo-fi is the new grunge, so either we’re dealing with instigation or an example of why nobody reads newspapers anymore.

[Photo via theivorytower.]

UPDATE: Let’s at least hear Wavves’ side, from a Village Voice interview published today…

VV: But your music has a lot in common with Dick Dale, and you’ve cited the Beach Boys as an influence. How big of an influence is surf rock?

WAVVES: Musically, …the Beach Boys… I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. I’m really high right now.