The Weeknd For The Weekend

A clandestine Canadian R&B project called The Weeknd’s put out a mixtape that is the internet’s current topic of fascination, though you ought to spend the next few days with it for reasons inherent to its sound feel: Titled House Of Balloons, the set plays for nine tracks and just under fifty minutes, brings guitars, a sweet croon, big doses of reverb and a gauzy, spacious style to Beach House and Siouxie Sioux samples and slow jams about getting fucked up, and just fucked, also. The Voice frames its ascendancy in the context of the contemporary pop and internet R&B, the tape itself has gone and gotten itself screwed, but start by downloading the House Of Balloons mixtape for free at (Once that’s all familiar grab Ballons’s screwed take right here.) And of course, an outfit that occupies space in the internet discourse should also occupy space on your internet platform of choice, and so it does. Just no profile photo (yet).

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