Alex Winston – “Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)” (Stereogum Premiere)

Sister Wife is pop chanteuse Alex Winston’s 2011 mini-LP, out now on HeavyRoc. It’s a tight, track-for-track showcase for the young Detroit native, fusing a feel for her hometown’s girl-group era with a distinctive post-Kate Bush soprano style and sticky-sweet, memorable choruses. “Sister Wife” the song is a more modern-backbeat affair, with a big, breezy hook and deceptively hefty lyrics fusing female roles a la Cass McCombs. UK producer Star Slinger (whose Soundcloud page is a fun wormhole for later) hones in on the song’s distinctive element and pulls it, swapping that backbeat for snares that pop like Bangladesh’s did on “A Milli,” adding keyboards that chill out in back, and arpeggiate rapidly in between, Alex’s sugary vocals. You can download both of them below for comparison and contrasting and general ear pleasure:

Alex Winston – “Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)”

The original for comparison:

Alex Winston – “Sister Wife”

And while you’re sopping up new Star Slinger productions, have a listen to his take on the morning benders’ “Cold War,” from the band’s Japan Echo charity EP:

The Morning Benders – Cold War (Star Slinger Remix) buy & support japan by Star Slinger