Stereogum Does CMJ: Bon Iver/Shaky Hands/Most Serene Republic/Dean & Brita/Voxtrot @ Bowery Ballroom 10/16/07 (Brooklyn Vegan Showcase)

Kudos to our brother in blogging Brooklyn Vegan for curating a kick-ass CMJ opening night show at Bowery Ballroom! Boos to CMJ for not making sure Miracle Fortress knew they needed more than just a letter from the festival (how about a work visa?), and to the border patrol for once again getting in the way of a highly anticipated show (Handsome Furs, M.I.A., Lily, etc.). Apparently the border patrol Google’d the show to find that Ticketmaster was selling tix! The good news? Rest easy folks, those are some seriously secure borders.

Anyway, the first set we saw at CMJ ’07 will probably be one of the very best: We learned Bon Iver is simply astounding. (We also learned it’s pronounced “bone ee-vare.”) A little too much reliance on that big crash cymbal build-up outro device everybody loves, but that man’s voice is magical. As massive Luna fans, it was a thrill to get to see Dean & Brita do their thing, too. Most Serene Republic made up for a shaky set from Shaky Hands, we didn’t see the Rosebuds (tried to see Jennifer O’Connor but the Living Room was waaay off sched), and “special secret surprise guests” Voxtrot (so billed to keep bookers from starting a turf war) took us into the wee morning hours with a superb and solid set.

But night one’s big winner? Bon Iver. Try and see him today at BV’s day show at Pianos (5PM). Take the jump for pretty pics.