Liz Phair’s “Faith & Tenderness” A Banana Republic Exclusive

Following her much discussed Avril makeover and sexy photoshoots (and, more recently, scoring 90210) there is very little Liz Phair could do to shock us. So news a few months back that the alt icon was appearing in a Banana Republic ad campaign was met with a collective shrug from you guys. We all have to put food on our families. But what if I told you Banana Republic is the only place you can get Liz’s new song “Faith & Tenderness”? That would be more intriguing, and that is what I’m telling you.

It isn’t the first new Liz Phair recording since Somebody’s Miracle — she gave “Perfect Misfit” to the Nancy Drew soundtrack and covered “Mother’s Little Helper” for Desperate Housewives — but it is the first since last year’s interviews hinting at a more creative direction for LP6, her first fully independent release since 1994’s Whip-Smart.

Banana Republic says love song “Faith & Tenderness” will indeed be on the next Liz Phair album for which no title or release date is available. For now you can only hear it on City Sounds Vol. 2 which comes with purchase at the upscale retailer for a limited time. It’s also got tracks from OK Go, Sara Bareilles, and Dashboard Confessional, so keep that in mind if you’re in the market for an overpriced polo.

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