New Beirut (AKA Natalie Portman’s Favorite Band) – “My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille”

She once extolled the virtues of the Shins, and lives definitely were changed forever (though most of those lives belonged to the Shins themselves). And things are already on the (way) up and up for Greenpoint ambassador Beirut, but a little Natalie love goes a long way. Ms. Portman is putting together a $7.99 charity album to benefit FINCA International featuring previously released tracks from a bunch of artists you listen to (like M. Ward, DevBan, Antony, and of course the Shins). But what separates this from your run-of-the-mill iTunes Celebrity Playlist (aside from her best intentions and proceeds going to charity)? A brand new track from Zach himself. Obviously, he’s thrilled.

[Portman pic via Nirali Mag]

Beirut even invited Natalie to sing on it and though she “wanted to so badly … it didn’t work out. I hope they extend the offer again.” No trumpet, no ukulele, but a sweet synthy beat and lots of Condon’s world weary croon. Hear it here.

Natalie also talks tunes… (via EW)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: When did you become such a big music fan?

NATALIE PORTMAN: I’ve always been into music. I was a huge Debbie Gibson fan when I was 8 years old. She was my first concert. I went with my mom and my best friend, and I wore my hair in a side pony. I loved Tiffany, too. And then in middle school and high school I went through Nirvana, Juliana Hatfield, Jeff Buckley ? my teen-angst period. In college I got more into indie and folk. I love this whole [freak folk] movement now with Antony and Devendra and CocoRosie and Sufjan Stevens.

EW: Back to music. Who are your all-time favorites?

NP: All-time, I think Stevie Wonder is probably my No. 1. And Radiohead, the White Stripes ? they’re modern-day classics.

In fact we saw her sauntering into Björk’s MSG show a few minutes after did Antony. (Yes, she’s that beautiful in person.) Now that the cat’s out, she can probably expect one of Devendra’s patented mixtapes. It’s good to be a freak folkie.

UPDATE: The tracklist revealed — a few more exclusives than we first figured. You go, Princess Amidala. (via P4K)

01 Tokyo Police Club – “Be Good”
02 Beirut – “My Night With the Prostitute From Marseille” [Exclusive]
03 Tom Brosseau -“Plaid Lined Jacket”
04 Curumin -“Tudo Bem Malandro”
05 The Shins – “Australia (Björn Yttling Mix)” [Exclusive]
06 Brett Dennen – “Ain’t No Reason”
07 Sean Hayes – “Turnaroundturnmeon”
08 Thee More Shallows – “Oh Yes, Another Mother”
09 Angus & Julia Stone – “The Beast”
10 Antony & the Johnsons – “Paddy’s Gone”
11 Vetiver – “Idle Ties”
12 Norah Jones – “Broken”
13 Devendra Banhart – “There’s Always Something Happening” [Exclusive]
14 M. Ward -“What Is A Soul?” [Exclusive]
15 Wooden Wand -“Forgiveness Figg (Bethany Hotel Blues)”
16 Rogue Wave – “How We Landed” [Exclusive]