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Band To Watch: Throw Me The Statue

Seattle multi-instrumentalist Scott Reitherman aka Throw Me The Statue throws a perfect storm of clatter into his homey pop. He’s actually picked up a band at this point, but we enjoy the below, wintertime image of Reitherman hibernating in his bedroom, putting shit down on tape, or loosing it in the air, worn Dostoyevsky in the distance. Moonbeams, his proper debut outside of tons of recordings he did in high school, includes Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens’s band, Pedro The Lion, Crystal Castles, etc), but for the live show, and perhaps beyond, Reitherman opens it up to a larger five piece, equally multi-instrumental family, who come armed with four-part harmonies and lots of noisemakers. TMTS’s songs have actually been floating around the internet a few solid months now, but the patchwork seems more refined as the weather shifts toward ice and the repackaging of Moonbeams from its original Baskerville Hill form to a slightly different Secretly Canadian issuing approaches. So what about the music? In the first few seconds of “About To Walk,” you’re bound to hear some Jeff Mangum, but watch how it opens to more frizzled Guided By Voices territories, but with a percussive kick that feels more post-disco, or something…

Throw Me The Statue – “About To Walk” (MP3)

The absolutely addictive “Lolita” hits like Bob Pollard’s beloved Kinks asking us to, please, come dancing. The overall hiss and crash sets an Eric’s Trip atmosphere, though on more a Shrimper kick. Manage to absorb it without hand-clapping in place?

Throw Me The Statue – “Lolita” (MP3)

More MP3s here (go to ‘Downloads’). TMTS has some shows with label pal Mr. Jens Lekman this month. If you live on the West Coast, do make the trip.

11/06 – Seattle, WA @ Nectar
11/07 – Portland, OR @ Someday Lounge
11/09 – San Francisco, CA @ Bimbo’s 365 Club
11/10 – West Hollywood, CA @ Troubadour

Moonbeams is out now on Baskerville Hill and will be released in slightly different on 2/19 by Secretly Canadian.