New Kanye West Video – “Good Morning”

This oughta settle the McFlys 2015s controversy once and for all; Kanye’s bruin mascot clearly is rocking a pair of the Back To The Future inspired Nikes on the Graduation (for real) cover. The animated clip for “Good Morning” has West’s fly Malcolm X teddy bear (“buy any jeans necessary”) suffering from lots of bad news, first waking up late, then jumping in his crapped out Doc Brown modified De Lorean, then just missing the L, then getting swallowed by an angry cloud, etc. But eventually the sun shines upon teddy’s arrival to school; his future’s so bright, he’s gotta wear shades — and in Kanye’s UniverseCity, those have to be of the ventilated, venetian variety.

Takashi Murakami lends his pencils to the proceedings, and apparently this is playing “ONLY at the Geffen Contemporary – Museum of Contemporary Art in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles CA.” Well, at the Geffen and via shaky YouTube, like most everything else.

And on a serious note, our thoughts and condolences to Kanye. R.I.P., Donda West.

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