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Band To Watch: Fire On Fire

Fire On Fire, a super Portland, Maine quintet featuring ex members of Cerberus Shoal, wail on their acoustic instruments — stand-up bass, mandolin, banjo, harmonium, accordion, guitar, tamboritza, jembe, dobro, etc — and harmonize like nobody’s business. They all live in the same house, which has seemingly forged them into one seamless brimstoned, rural-gospel choir rattling out some of the prettiest harmonies this side of Young God labelmates, Akron/Family, only more countrified. Our favorite tune from the band’s debut five-song EP is its opener “Hangman,” which gathers momentum on a strange Animal Collective-in-a-hay-field vocal pulse. Please accept it as the official Fire On Fire intro sermon after the jump. And keep in mind: Everyone, even the worst man, has friends.

Fire On Fire – “Hangman” (MP3)

That warble really is so great and knotty. The group has a transcendent pulse to ‘em — sounds cheesy, but take a look at a back-porch rendition of “Amnesia,” and notice how it all sorta crackles and waves? Right, like fire.

The 5-song EP, hand-screened heavy stock/velum packaging in a limited edition of 1,000, is only available at the Young God site and at the band’s live show. Look for their debut full-length of all new material to show up on Young God sometime next year.

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