The Rapture – “How Deep Is Your Love?”

A few weeks ago there was that phony rapture that made all of your friends terrible rapture-comics on twitter, with one of the most recurring punchlines incorporating seminal dance-punk outfit The Rapture in some fashion. It was the most anybody had talked about the Rapture in a while, despite the worthy new song we call “Sail Away” (until the band provides an official one) they unveiled at a secret Union Pool gig last summer, or the much higher profile news that they are returning with a new, full-length album for DFA this fall. Maybe “How Deep Is Your Love?” will help get the word out further. Probably the first single from the album, it’s danceable though not in that post-punk way, with pianos that echo elements of house and gospel (which would explain the Rapture curated “gospel mix” you can stream below). But mostly it’s just a charged up and pop song that makes the Rapture sound fresh and revitalized, and it’s well worth a listen. You can do that below via one of those official DFA vimeos where they stamp and spin a fresh 12″ on a Technics turntable, this time with someone holding a disco ball above the record player it’s the right mood. Watch/listen:

The Rapture – “How Deep Is Your Love?”

New Rapture LP’s out 9/6 via DFA, “How Deep Is Your Love?” limited edition 12″ is up for pre-order now.

Here’s the Rapture’s “The Gospel Of Luke” gospel mix for Modular:

Modcast #76 – The Rapture (The Gospel of Luke) by modularpeople

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