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R.I.P. Seth Putnam

As HTC pal Kim Kelly posted over the weekend, legendary Anal Cunt frontman (and best song titler ever) Seth Putnam died of a heart attack on Saturday 6/11. The grindcore icon was 43. You can read more about the circumstances at Blabbermouth and about his career at The Guardian. People focus on Putnam’s beyond-irreverent sense of humor — and they should — but there was also his amazingly rich, weird, possessed voice. No matter how broken his body seemed to get (drug overdose, coma, nonstop touring schedule, too much booze) that screech didn’t fade. I organized an Anal Cunt show on the eve of my birthday in 2009. Putnam was worse for wear, but the trio played one of the best sets I’d seen them do in ages. It was also an honor witnessing them sing me a sodden “Happy Birthday” when the clock struck midnight (before tearing into something more “offensive”). Like I tweeted yesterday: Seth, I hope you’re singing selections from I Like It When You Die in heaven. RIP.

[Anal Cunt live @ Public Assembly, 6/5/09 via Brooklyn Vegan]

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