Joanna Newsom Plans ACL Taping, “What We Have Known” 12″

“Sprout And Bean”‘s b-side (“What We Have Known”) is getting its own slab of single-sided vinyl (well, only one side is playable; the other has an etching and it all comes in a “Civil War styled jacket” because obviously it does) thanks to Mrs. Drag City and her fine record label. In other Joanna News, some lucky souls will see her harp stylings at the Austin City Limits studios on 8/1 for an upcoming filming of that show. (Others announced for this season include The Decemberists, Jeff Bridges, Gillian Welch, Randy Newman, and some band Arcade Fire.)

As for the vinyl: The “What We Have Known” 12″ will be out 7/19. They’re accepting pre-orders for $9 over at Drag City. That photo of Joanna petting a dog is a behind the scenes snap from the set of her “Good Intentions Paving Company” video shoot. Yes, there are more.