Light Asylum – “A Certain Person” Video

Over the past two years, Brooklyn vet Shannon Funchess has gone from being Brooklyn’s most recognizable backup singer (see: !!!, LCD, TVOTR) to fronting the locally celebrated dark wave project Light Asylum. Shannon says she grew up loving “Siouxsie and the Banshees, Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Human League,” and if you add Grace Jones, light sabers, and horses’ whinnies to the equation, you have a fair starting point for Light Asylum’s In Tension EP. “A Certain Person” captures Shannon in one of her most romantically vulnerable states (“Shallow Tears” notwithstanding), and filmmaker Eden Batki’s video treatment — blending concert footage with the band in real life and offstage environments on a west coast tour last year — does well to humanize and soften Funchess’s otherwise powerful, almost intimidating, poise and swagger. Plus this song just rules for summer heartaches.

Light Asylum: A Certain Person


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Light Asylum – “A Certain Person”

Light Asylum’s In Tension EP is out now via Mexican Summer. More MP3s here.

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