Friends – “Friend Crush” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

It’s “ESG-style polyrhythmic post-disco on a tropical-pop trip” that Bushwick BTW Friends fix on musically, and their visual aesthetic — both onstage, and in this their debut, Matthew Caron-directed clip — is perfectly triangulated to fit the bill. Diaphanous silhouettes of singer Samantha Urbani float over the band bathed in florid color palettes and VHS wash, glitter pops off snare drums while the crew cops dead-eyed downtown glamour. It’s Studio 54 by way of the Market Hotel. Their list of credits reads long (Chris Person, Aaron Katsnelson, Ursula Mann, Amy Jenkins, Jessica JV Reid, Gillian Zargorski, Elan Fraser, the Market Hotel, Aurora Halal, Mary Katherine Youngblood, Gianina Jiminez Barrantes, and Etienne Pierre Duguay in various roles), which is also fitting for a band with this name. Watch:

The “Friend Crush” 7″ via Lucky Numbers is sold-out, but you can get it digitally on Bandcamp. Here’s a head start:

Friends – “Friend Crush”

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