“Don’t Stop Believin'” Turns 30

MTV isn’t the only ’80s rock relic turning 30. Released 7/31/81 (a day before the network’s launch) on Journey’s seventh studio album Escape, “Don’t Stop Believin'” would inexplicably go on to be one of the biggest songs of the digital era. A life-affirming arena anthem with an indelible keyboard hook, the top ten hit only became a pop culture behemoth and indie-rock touchstone in the past five years.

In the summer of ’05 it was celebrated ironically in Laguna Beach and Family Guy, then two years later famously soundtracked the Sopranos finale. In the indie sphere, it was covered by of Montreal, Petra Haden, and Marnie Stern, among others, before Pitchfork named it one of the 500 greatest songs since ’77. “Believin'”‘s been even more inescapable as of late thanks to Glee, Tron: Legacy, Rock Of Ages, and every baseball game. And through all that it’s become the best-selling digital song released in the 20th century, fitting for a band that found its current lead singer via YouTube. I’ll be happy to never have to hear it again, but since that’s not happening let’s revisit Marnie Stern’s cover, along with the original:

Marnie Stern – “Don’t Stop Believin'”