Reeve Carney Cast In Official Jeff Buckley Biopic

Following reports that Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley would play Jeff Buckley in an upcoming film about the ’90s icon’s life, and later reports that there would in fact be TWO upcoming films about the ’90s icon’s life (the latter being blessed by Jeff’s mother and estate), we now have confirmation (via Deadline) that that latter, official Buckley biopic will star Reeve Carney, of Broadway’s Spider-Man fame, thus bringing an end to the race for Hollywood’s most coveted role for chiseled cheekbone actors over the past five years. Unlike the Badgley film, which follows Jeff through the events that lead up to his breakout performance at the East Village memorial concert for his late father Tim, the Carney project is a proper biography with full, exclusive use of Jeff’s song catalogue. License to utilize Buckley’s musical material was granted in part by his mother Mary Guibert, who is one of the film’s producers and has had a hand in shaping this particular project from the beginning. (Sony has also granted rights to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah,” so they’re in pretty good shape licensing wise.) Carney will sing the songs himself. The film is based on David Browne’s Tim & Jeff joint bio Dream Brother, which is a good read and recommended for Buckely fans.

If you had some other actor in mind for Jeff, your hopes are not lost. There’s actually a THIRD film about Jeff in the works. It’s out of Australia and called A Pure Drop. Congratulations.