Neko Case Takes An Adult Swim

Remember the sleepover party video for “All For Swinging You Around“? Imagine how much more fun it would’ve been if John Kruk was there. Or not. In case you didn’t grow up in the Tri-State area, or even if you did but you never watched Major League baseball, Kruk was the hefty San Diego Padres/Philadelphia Phillies first basemen/outfielder, who notoriously pulled himself out of a game in ’93 because he ostensibly had the flu, but was later caught buying vendor hot dogs (thanks, Wiki). We didn’t know that last “notorious” part on our own, but we do remember his awesome hair and strange tendency to talk to himself in the field (covering his mouth with his glove). There’s even a shrine to the current ESPN analyst/Nutrisystem spokesperson. All of this is important if you want to catch the nuances of this scene from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, also starring everyone’s favorite Pornographer Neko Case as Chrysanthemum and singer Kelly Hogan as “The BJ Queen.” Among Case’s first lines: “I’m your fantasy, Carl. There is no credit card required to sleep with us…” Yes, that includes John Kruk. Jump.

Neko Case on Adult Swim

This isn’t the end of the animated rocker parade: Look for future cameos from Josh Homme and T-Pain, among others. Also, Case is supposedly playing the lead title roll in the new CGI show by Dave Willis, Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugartown Candy Fudge. Sweet. Case really is multi-faceted. Remember when you could even buy her underwear?