New Apes & Androids – “Nights Of The Week” (Stereogum Premiere) & Free Show @ Hiro

If our Heavy Rotation’s to be believed (and yes, it is), we literally can’t get enough of New York clusterfucking, pop-is-eating-itself crew Apes & Androids. When a band goes so many directions at once, it’s hard not to head back for seconds. One of our many favorite tracks from the excellent new Blood Moon is the after-hours new-wave anthem “Nights Of the Week,” which chops up “Message In A Bottle” in the service of some campy fun that feels very much like The Ziggy Stardust Picture Show. The message in this bottle: Get out and d.a.n.c.e.

Apes & Androids @ Mercury Lounge, NYC 1/19/08
[A&A pic from the band’s album release show @ Mercury Lounge, NYC 1/19/08]

Apes & Androids – “Nights Of The Week” (MP3)

Hear a little Freddy Mercury rising there toward the end? Nights of the week, knights of the weekend. Yes, as we’ve previously reported, A&A do indubitably put on on hell of a show — and it’s very much in the spirit of “Nights Of The Week” — so if you’re in the New York area at the end of the month check them out 2/28 with Devlin and Darko of Spank Rock at Hiro Ballroom. Admission is costless if you follow the RSVP link. If there’s a must-see band in NYC these days, this is the one. It’s a spectacle.

Also, if you haven’t already, please do check out some of those Blood Moon tunes spinning at MySpace or purchase the thing at One more cut before you go — N.E.R.D.-y, of Monty, etc.:

Apes & Androids – “Golden Prize” (MP3)

Apes & Androids on Halloween '07 @ 29 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn
[A&A pic from Halloween ’07 @ 29 Wythe Ave., Brooklyn]