Download Domo Genesis Under The Influence Mixtape

Domo Genesis is the most weed-addled and probably the most pedestrian rapper in the much-feted Odd Future collective. But he’s made big strides as a pure MC, and his new Under The Influence mixtape is the work of a solid, confident rapper. On the tape, Domo raps over time-honored soul-rap beats like Scarface’s “Guess Who’s Back” and Kanye West’s “Whole City Behind Me,” the latter of which features an absolutely ferocious scene-stealing verse from Tyler, The Creator. Under The Influence isn’t a world-shattering piece of work like Tyler’s Bastard or Earl Sweatshirt’s EARL, but it’s a sturdy piece of work, and it’s also the first free Odd Future mixtape in nearly a year. Domo released it on his Tumblr yesterday; download it here. Now can we get another Mike G tape, please?