Watch Win Butler Play Basketball

UPDATE: Susan Moss of Montreal Buzz took photos of last night’s free outdoor performance; 100,000 people turned up.

Arcade Fire co-leader Win Butler has never been shy about making basketball references from the stage. And who could forget the 2007 saga surrounding “Arcade Fire Stole My Basketball”? Rumors have long circulated that Butler’s a beast on the court himself. Now, we have evidence that those rumors are true. Win recently played in a Toronto charity tournament, sharing the court with a few actual professional players, and came out looking pretty good! In the video below, we learn that he beat active San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner in a three-point contest, and his quick little highlight reel also looks pretty nice. Butler appears to have a decent handle, a good arc on his jumper, and more hustle than an actual honest-to-god rock star should ever need to have. Observe:

(via The Score)

Too bad about Bonner utterly demolishing him in that final game. But there are professional basketball players, and then there are the rest of us.