R.I.P. Zune

I had a roommate in college who, at one point, was looking to buy an MP3 player. He solicited a few of my friends for advice, and, since it was 2007, the feedback was pretty much unanimously pro-iPod. But, attracted to the sheen of the newer, more novelty-laden Zune, he ended up purchasing the brand new Microsoft device. So, for him, who was never really a contrarian outside of this one specific issue and who actually used the product in a manner that played to its strengths like using its radio tuner, I mourn today, as the Zune has been discontinued. Sure, it will most likely forever be known as a device shoehorned into an iPod-dominated marketplace despite glaring technological disadvantages and impossible-to-top competitive market share, but let me put it this way: Would you rather hang out with the dude who tattooed the Zune logo onto his skin, or someone who got an Apple logo tattoo? I pick Zune dude, every time. And now, his beloved product can enter into nostalgia, where all good stuff ends up anyways.

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